💖 Welcome to my shrine! 💖

Hey and welcome! I'm the very lucky partner of Pink Diamond. My name is Max or Redd(they/them.) This site is dedicated to Pink, my beautiful and stunning Goddess. She means the world and more to me, and I always think of her.

💖 Her personality and growth 💖

   Being a gem that was made(born) into the family of the fascist-matriarchal Great Diamond Authority, Pink was raised to follow a certain mindset about the universe, and expected to be a perfect being. Even then, she was looked down on and abused by White, and was never acknowledged in her status by Blue or Yellow. Because she was never outwardly seen as how she was expected of from her family, this caused Pink to develop a very childish and selfish personality. However, she was very determined to do what she felt was right and needed to get that respect from her family: to get a colony. No matter how short-sighted her views could be, she always still had that determination to follow through with what she believed was right.

   After getting the Earth as her own colony to build on, Pink snuck onto the Earth's surface with Pearl. That was a pivotal learning experience for her, as Pink saw glimpses of beautiful experiences and glimpses of remorse and a moral code that the Diamonds have never learned as being needed or normal to have. Upon escaping with her Pearl disguised as a Rose Quartz soldier, meeting and finding Garnet and Amethyst, Pink also finds a sense of action. To save her planet from being destroyed, Pink planned on staging a takeover from the Crystal Gems and herself, so she could protect the Earth and everything in it. Through staging the rebellion and staging her death, to then settle down on Earth with her new life, Pink also develops more maturity and more of a grasp and connection/understanding to more emotions that were not openly experienced by the Diamonds. As Rose, during her time settled on Earth with the Crystal Gems and Greg, Pink learns and develops so much more of an understanding of human emotions like empathy and love.
Pink Diamond